Ubuntu 9.10 and the DigiKam “segmentation fault 11” bug.

DigiKam is neat, and so is Ubuntu. After a fresh install I've got some serious bug in DigiKam though. After attaching the camera (EOS 400) and starting the download photos dialog, DigiKam crashes with a "segmentation fault 11". I have found very little about it on the web, mostly bug reports with no solution. I made some changes to the settings in DigiKam, and it seems that it might help. Update: Seems like theres no logic in what settings you have, but if you go to the preferences and do some "check" and "uncheck", it seems like DigiKam gets a little more stable. Please post a comment if you are successful or not with this solution: Try to disable some of the plugins in DigiKam, making it more stable and less dependent to other binaries. Heres my list, which actually got me downloading the photos from my camera. (by default, all plugins are checked).



A solution is provided, as the 1.1.0 is released. Please see this post.

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  1. Hi there,

    Just installed Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and was having the same problem with Digikam.

    Another thing I tried – before finding this 🙂 – was to completely remove Digikam and then reinstall (don’t know if this actually did anything though :)) then when I plugged in my camera card into the reader, when the pop-up window asked me what I wanted to do – eg. download with Digikam, I selected ‘do nothing’.

    I then used Digikam to connect to the read and (at the moment) it all seemed fine. Then ‘Oooops’ back to old habits.

    I used a card from one of my children’s cameras (which only had a half dozen shots I took for this trial) and it worked fine.

    My card has about three hundred.

    So, I took about another sixty with my camera, whacked the card into the reader and then dismounted the card using the dismount option in the device notifier.

    Now it seems fine. Might be that I have to do this all the time, which is annoying but not too bad (could be better though, couldn’t it?).

    I then decided not to mount the card when it was put in the reader.

    This seems to have solved the problem.

    I’ve just downloaded 68 and now about 200 photos and it has worked fine each time.


  2. As I said in the update, there seems to be no logic in this. It is still somewhat buggy, but being “gentle” seems to increase the success ratio.

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