Arbi.se came to life in 2004. The name itself doesn´t make much sense to anyone, although Google suggests that it has an arabic flavor. That´s not true. The name means nothing. The top domain .se means that it´s registered in Sweden. That makes sense, as I´m from Sweden.

Since the start of this website I´ve changed the theme, content, purpose, logo..whatever, several times over and over. Starting from 2015, this blog is now about all the stuff our visitors have come to exptect from the site, all the stuff that has a value.

This means that the blog is moving away from it´s long time focus on IT and IT security, and is now a more general topics blog. Still a lot of things related to IT and security, but a lot more topics related to everyday life such as music, art, general stuff. Targeting a broader audince so to speak.

What is the driving force behind arbi.se? Everything! It is privately owned and maintained. There are no commercial, political, or religious interests or dependencies attached.

So, we´ve been around for more than 10 years now. Please enjoy it for another 10..at least!


Ola Löfvén


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