Digikam segmentation fault fixed in Digikam 1.1.0?

Update: This post now have a step-by-step instruction on how to install the latest Digikam version on Ubuntu 9.10

It seems like 1.1.0 takes care of several bugs that caused the previous version to crash. You may download a .deb package if you are in a hurry. I tried to install it, but unfortunately the package breaks the "Showphoto". Whatever that means. I guess that the Ubuntu (or Kubuntu) package is too different to allow the OS to just upgrade right away. I'll look into this as soon as I have the chance. But I will also look forward to see Ubuntu 10.04, and hope that the new Digikam version is included in the repositories.

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Ubuntu 9.10 and the DigiKam “segmentation fault 11” bug.

DigiKam is neat, and so is Ubuntu. After a fresh install I've got some serious bug in DigiKam though. After attaching the camera (EOS 400) and starting the download photos dialog, DigiKam crashes with a "segmentation fault 11". I have found very little about it on the web, mostly bug reports with no solution. I made some changes to the settings in DigiKam, and it seems that it might help. Update: Seems like theres no logic in what settings you have, but if you go to the preferences and do some "check" and "uncheck", it seems like DigiKam gets a little more stable.

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