Ubuntu 11.04 and Compaq CQ61

I have previously written about Compaq CQ61 with Nvidia graphics drivers, and the problem with 6 screens. See post. If you have a similar setup and solved the problem as described, then there should be no problem upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04.I tested a clean 11.04 install, and believed Nvidia had fixed all previous problems. But no, someone at Nvidia must think that six small screens is cool.

So, I simply copied the edid.bin and xorg.conf files located at /etc/X11/ over to the new installation. If you save them to a USB stick or something before wiping your computer, here's what you should do:

  1. Go to proprietary drivers and select/install Nvidia drivers. Don't reboot!
  2. Copy edid.bin and xorg.conf to /etc/X11/
  3. Restart

Now, for those of you who got the message that your hardware doesn't meet the requirements for Unity – enjoy your new fresh 11.04 installation with a working Unity desktop!

I plan to do a post showing how my current applications (under 10.10) will work with 11.04. Could be interesting if you plan to upgrade. Applications to mention a few; Eclipse, VirtualBox, TrueCrypt, LightZone, Skype, Spotify. Well, look back as soon as I got some test results…

Update: Here's a sample edid.bin file. There's no guarantee that this will work on your computer.

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  1. I updated the post with a link to a sample edid.bin. Theres no guarantee it will work, but I’ve got it from another source and copied it around to different Ubuntu installations without any modification. The xorg.conf is located in your /etc/X11. Perhaps this post will help you some more http://www.arbi.se/running-ubuntu-on-compaq-cq61/.

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