Change tube and fix pots in Blackstar HT-Dist pedal

If you own a Blackstar distortion or overdrive pedal, you may get the feeling that there´s even more “tone” to get from these pedals than what´s delivered from the factory. Yes there is, and the solution is to replace the cheap 7025/12AX7WA Sovtek tube (or valve) that came with the pedal. In my case it´s a HT-Dist. Maybe Sovtek isn´t a bad brand, but I guess Blackstar didn´t pick these from the top shelf..

While we´re at it, why not clean the pots? You may experience crackling scratchy noise, and there is a solution for that too.

And by the way – this guide shows how to replace the tube the hard way..from the bottom. When following this guide you will probably agree that in this case, the hard way is also the right way.

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