Slowing down and adding more

Things have slowed down at lately. Enjoying my well earned vacation (no comments!) means less focus on IT and security stuff. Taking up music and guitar playing again also takes focus from all IT stuff that I usually deal with.

So, this means that will change a bit. Heres whats going to happen, sort of a rough plan.

  • will close, and all photos and gallerys will go in to This may also call for more photo related posts.
  • have no clue about this. The domain and my website scanner tool is probably still for sale, although I dont actively promote it. The Android development is probably more in a deep coma, rather than sleeping. We'll see..
  • IT posts may come in random whenever I have the time for it. Probably more security related than dev/geek related, as my profession is unchanged but I spend less time on coding and Linux tweaking in my spare time. Depending on what goes on at my office, I may focus a bit more on smartphone and mobility security.
  • I will focus a lot on guitar playing and recording music. Results from this will show up elsewhere on the Internet, not at Though, I might write posts at related to the geeky side of music recording (DAW, plugins, tools, etc..).

Enjoy whats left of the summer. see you soon again!

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