Kubuntu is it?

Ok, I dropped Lubuntu. It was probably the most weird little distro I have ever tried to get along with. Although I really hate Unity, I still like Ubuntu a lot. And with the 5 year LTS on 12.04, it's tempting to stick with Ubuntu. And so I will. Just installed Kubuntu, an Ubuntu distro with KDE desktop.

I was really surprised! This one is just as light as the "light" distros (Xubuntu, Lubuntu etc) but IT WORKS!! Completely hazzle free, even with my strange Nvidia graphics card. No need to install the Nvidia drivers and taking the risk of getting the "6 desktop screen" again. It works, its smooth and fast…and it's really beautiful. No need to get a Mac either…that would be a downgrade for me right now in so many aspects.

Get Kubuntu and try it yourself!

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