Ubuntu 9.10 and the DigiKam “segmentation fault 11” bug.

DigiKam is neat, and so is Ubuntu. After a fresh install I've got some serious bug in DigiKam though. After attaching the camera (EOS 400) and starting the download photos dialog, DigiKam crashes with a "segmentation fault 11". I have found very little about it on the web, mostly bug reports with no solution. I made some changes to the settings in DigiKam, and it seems that it might help. Update: Seems like theres no logic in what settings you have, but if you go to the preferences and do some "check" and "uncheck", it seems like DigiKam gets a little more stable.

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Running Ubuntu on Compaq CQ61

So you thought Linux works with every piece of hardware these days? Sorry, hardware vendors still don't pay much attention when it comes to enable their stuff correctly on the platform. I wont go in to a religious flame-war telling who's fault that is. We can probably blame the Linux community and the hardware industry equally. In this post:

  • Getting the Nvidia G103M graphics card working on Ubuntu 9.10
  • Getting speaker sound to work on the Compaq CQ61

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Adding photos

I’ll try to add som photos as soon as possible. Some neat widget for displaying gallerys etc is what I have in mind. Currently, my work can be found at the Swedish site www.fotosidan.se (user name “Ola.L”). I’m also in the process of getting my photos out on stock sale sites. No I’m not selling … Read more

Fresh start..

Finally got my own WordPress site. Instead of dozens of pages for each and every topic, I decided to manage it all in one site. No strange subdomains or folders. So, hopefully you will be able to (if I make it right from start) sort out the stuff that fits your interest. All for now.