Album release

“Lost In Translation” will be released in major digital distribution channels today. Some services may have a slight delay, and the actual publish date may vary depending on service. iTunes and Amazon are already distributing. The album can also be purchased at our artist aggregator, CDbaby.  

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Digital music distribution using an artist aggregator

Musicians have known it for decades – It’s a jungle out there. And now the jungle is digital. Digital music distribution have opened new doors, and reaching out to new fans as an indie or amateur artist is suddenly possible. The reason is the Internet. It gives us streaming music and digital downloads from music …

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Mixing tips and tricks

Some really useful tips for mixdown. I can’t say that I came up with this knowledge entirely by myself, but I want to spread the words. Be aware: This post is a blend of highly professional tips mentioned by seasoned sound engineers and studio veterans, and my own humble “trial-and-error” amateur  thoughts.. Less is more. Don’t over …

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