Tremol-no buzz fix

Tremol-no is a terrific invention. But, somewhat unreliable. Depending on your guitar, how you installed the Tremol-no, and perhaps also how you tighten it, you may experience a buzzing noise or click sound while playing in locked mode.

Here’s an easy fix. At least it solved my problem. May not work in your case, but hopefully it does. So, how hard was it?

I squeezed in a piece of eraser! That’s it. That’s pretty much my engineering skills, but it works. Of course, any piece of plastic or rubber that can be cut into shape and inserted without falling out will do it.

A small note on the root cause. There are two places in the Tremol-no that can cause noise, and that’s where the rod meets the clamp (block side) and where the rod meets the spring plate (or what’s it’s name). Even if you have noise at the block side, stabilizing the rod at the other end may solve it.

Small heart shaped eraser, cut to desired shape and size.