Get your NUMpad back in Ubuntu 11.10

More stupid 11.10 issues to be solved. This time, we'll bring back your lost NUMpad.

The "Windowish" solution

Yes, that's what I call it. Merely because you control this were you least expect it. You thought it was "System settings / Keyboard" right?

  1. On the top right of your screen, choose "System settings" in the menu.
  2. Go to "Universal access".
  3. Click the "Pointing and clicking" tab.
  4. Set "Mouse keys" to OFF.
  5. Press your "num lock" button on your keyboard, and enjoy..

Now, I will continue to look for my missing "Wine" Spotify installation. Quite !cool that it installs ok, but was never seen since…

2 thoughts on “Get your NUMpad back in Ubuntu 11.10”

  1. Thank you for this! I would never have found this on my own and I'm impressed that anyone did! I would have probably just waited for 12.04 (Yep, that version number was typed with my newly fixed numpad!)

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