Disable Hover Click in Ubuntu 11.10

Ok, so Ubuntu 11.10 destroyed your world too? I have't heard of anyone asking for an autopilot for the desktop, so here's how you disable it. Prepare to get back in the driver seat..

The problem

After installing or upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 you are suddenly faced with a setting on how the "Hover Click" should behave. No where is there a disable option. And after googling on it, fighting desperately against your Ubuntu clicking on whatever link your standing on, you finally came here.

The solution

This makes anyone happy – there's a non-geek way to solve this. I have seen all kinds of suggestions on this problem, like editing your xorg.conf. No, please don't do that. Here we go:

  1. On the top right of your desktop, click on your name
  2. Click "System settings"
  3. Click "Universal access"
  4. Click "Pointing and clicking" tab
  5. Set "Hover click" to "OFF"

Yep, thats it. Wasn't to hard right?

16 thoughts on “Disable Hover Click in Ubuntu 11.10

  1. thank you sooo much for the info. whoever created the hover click probably never tried it himself. one of the most annoying thing in computer history since windows' blue screen of death !!

  2. Ya, everytime i had to make sure, the cursor is at a safe position, could click anywhere, evrywhere. Sigh of Relief now.

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