Using TAB, page up/down, and scrolling in Connectbot

In version 1.8.5 of Connectbot (perhaps earlier versions too) there´s a feature that I´ve really missed in earlier versions of this Android app: How to actually do auto-complete when selecting files, and scrolling up and down in a text file.

(Sorry, for some reason I cant make screenshots when the Connectbot keyboard is visible. You have to stick with a written explanation)

Example problem case 1

You want to go to folder with the name folder_with_very_long_name.

In a desktop environment that´s usually done by writing cd fo and then click on the TAB button, to auto complete the folder name.

Example problem case 2

You want to read through a large text file from start to end.

In a Linux desktop environment that´s usually done by writing cat textfile | less and then click on arrow up and arrow down (or page up/page down).

The problem is that left side swiping and right side swiping on the Android phone doesn´t always give the results you expect.


When having the keyboard visible in Connectbot, just do this:

  1. Quickly tap the screen
  2. A semi transparent row of buttons will appear just above the keyboard
  3. On the newly activated row, use the TAB or ARROW keys

As simple as that! Again, sorry for not having screenshots. But you will figure it out.