Ubuntu 10.04

It's here. And I made a fresh install. Read on..

I decided to make a fresh install when upgrading from 9.10, due to the fact that I've been playing a little bit to hard with the OS lately. I experienced some buggy stuff in 9.10, but I guess I can only blame myself. And of course, I'm curious as everyone else.

So, whats the impression so far?

  • Looks better
  • Cant tell any difference in boot time
  • Stable
  • Sound works perfect on my Compaq CQ61
  • Graphics? I believed the new drivers and improved compatibility with nVidia would give me no problems, but no, I still suffered from the "six screens" bug. And the solution I posted here at @rbi still works. Not on 64bit though..
  • Installing DigiKam from the repositories will give you version 1.2. Great!
  • If you run Thunderbird email as I do, you need to install the newer enigmail 1.0.1 to get PGP support.
  • Thunderbird by the way looks totally different. Need to get used to it..
  • Some new standard applications have showed up. Socializing tools etc.
  • More setting for UbuntuOne.

Thats all right now. I'll get back later with stuff "you need to know" or if theres something specific for the Compaq CQ61..

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