Sorry Ubuntu

It's just not working for me, with Ubuntu 11.04. I decided to drop it, and chosed an alternative path.

I guess I had my reasons, and perhaps there are a lot of other users who don't experience the problems I faced. First of all, I never got used to Unity. I tried a lot, beleive me. 


I think Unity is quite good for people only surfing and reading email. No need for quck access to some 30 applications and no need for customizing shortcuts and desktop icons. With that said, Unity is nothing more than a tablet environment. Besides being less flexible, I also experienced a lot of crashes and weird behaviour.

If it's Unity or something else I dont know, but my computer was unstable like never before. I think I need to look back on Windows 98 to find something that unstable. Crashes, freezing, changing settings etc. Ubuntu gained a reputation for beeing stable and user friendly, so this was a hughe difference for me.

Future of Ubuntu

I beleive that Canonical is risking it all here. Other distros are moving on, and gain more users. It will be interesting to watch the future here. I will stick to Ubuntu servers, with the latest versions as long as my server hardware can keep up.

My choice

I choose to go back to Ubuntu 10.04. What a releif! Everything works, I'm in control, it's fast, and stable. It's supported until April 2013. After that, I don't know where to go. Linux Mint Debian perhaps..or a Mac if I win the lottery. We'll see. I enjoy my time with Ubuntu now, but feel that our time is limited..

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