The rise and fall of Ubuntu?

I just installed Ubuntu 13.10. Sadly, after only a few minutes I realized that it is completely useless. Slow, buggy, ugly…and just about everything crashes! I figured a software update would fix stuff, but even that "crashed unexpectedly..". I remember Ubuntu as the distro that offered me not only a place to learn Linux, but … Read more

Web Analyzer 0.7

VirusTotal report is now integrated with the rest of the results. A tip: refresh the page if results are not ready yet. The VT API is in my opinion a little tricky when it comes to retreiveing URL scan reports. If something looks weird in the report, please comment on this post. Have fun!

Eight Security Predictions for 2014

2013 was not an easy year in cybersecurity—and we expect 2014 attacks will be even more complex. In a new report out today, Websense Security Labs researchers collectively outlined eight predictions and recommendations for 2014. To read the full …