I'm putting up a new website, which will have more IT security focus. It will be the home of Webinspect and hopefully other useful security tools. The website have it's own blog, and at the moment I'm wondering what would be best to post there. Security related stuff and Webinspect news of course, but … Read more


Webinspect project

My current programming project is called "Webinspect". A web based tool for safe analysis of web sites that you would prefer a second opinion on before visiting. No matter whats on that site, you wont get exposed to harmful or malicious content as trojans, worms, rouge antivirus, or profane movies or pictures.

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Ubuntu 10.10, and a new poll..

Ubuntu 10.10 is soon to be released. What's your opinion? Does it still rock, will it kick Windows out the office door (again!), or is it getting more "Window-ish" with bugs and features going hand in hand? In my opinion Ubuntu is somewhere in the twilightzone right now. But as always, I'm curious..