Antivirus for Linux?

Yes, of course! Linux users may not be affected by common malware, but we should all do our best to protect information assets and IT infrastructure.

The one I have tested thoroughly is F-PROT Antivirus for Linux. It works really well on Ubuntu workstation and server. Here's an example of a neat setup, useful for both home and corporate situations.

Example 1

Ubuntu server, serving a NAS via Samba shares. Accessible to both Linux and Windows hosts. Run F-PROT as a cron job on the Samba shares, and scan for malware.

Example 2

Ubuntu server as a backup server, storing complete home directories from Linux hosts (rsync) and Windows hosts (Cobian). Run F-PROT as a cron job, scheduled with respect to backup jobs. You can easily set up a cron job to do a weekly scan for adware on Linux backups, and a daily full heuristic scan on Windows backups. F-PROT is really light on resources.

F-PROT Antivirus for Linux is free for home users, and if you need it for Windows or if you are a corporate user you can get F-PROT quite cheap at

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