Windows 10 looks promising

I just downloaded and installed the Windows 10 beta. It´s possible to download the ISO file and install as a virtual machine, or some spare hardware if you got one. I´m one of those guys who constantly say no to bungy jumping, swimming with sharks, and doing direct beta tests on a host that just have to run without problems…so I did a VirtualBox install.

I instantly realized that the history of Windows OS versions will probably repeat itself with Windows 10 (every other release is a fail, every other is a hit). Windows 7 is popular, Windows 8 wasn´t really well recieved, but Windows 10 will most likely be popular. Maybe we should see Windows 8 as the actual Windows 10 beta…

It´s fast!

Only after a few seconds I could easily find my way, and being used to Windows 7 make this seem to promise a problem free shift. I immediately downloaded and fired up Process Explorer and Autoruns, and my fear of seeing an explosion of random processes was swept away – my Windows 10 machine have probably less default processes running than a fresh Windows 7 install. And just by clicking around tells you that it´s quite fast, despite being a virtual machine with only 4 GB RAM.

Win10. Running Process Explorer and Autoruns.

Tweak and configure

I cant help but having a constant fear of having too much going on in the background, and have all kinds of “smart decisions” taken behind my back when it comes to Microsoft stuff. I saw that there seems to be plenty of settings to turn off any kind of feature that most likely will bother you when you least expect it. I even launched the old style control panel (not sure how I did..) and it looks pretty much like Windows 7. Still, I´m worried about what this OS will do behind my back even if I turn off useless features. I´m mostly concerned of security, and there are some solid signs telling me that Microsoft see it as a positive thing to share everything with everyone..

Win10 – Settings and stuff..


So, what I aks myself (and perhaps everyone else) – what will it look like after a year of use? Will it be bogged down with bloat ware, and go out of control with a thousand of background processes? A fair guess is that, just like Windows 7, it´s health and mood will depend on how you treat it. For the non-geek community who will have all features turned on from start, I wouldn´t be surprised if their PC would just simply fail to start after two years of app installing, drive sharing, and social networking. For all the people who needs to be in control, and will lift the hood first looks like you could be Microsoft customers for still a few more years.

win10 3
Win10  - multiple desktops


When my Windows 7 runs out of support or when I buy a new PC, which ever comes first, I guess I wouldn´t feel bad about using this OS. As always, there is the question around compatibility and if software x or hardware y will run on Win 10. I assume that Windows 10 will be a success, and third party vendors will most likely let us have a wide variety of compatible products..