Connectbot for iPhone

Are you switching from Android to iPhone, and still want a neat app for running terminal via SSH? Connectbot is currently not available for iPhone, bur there is a very good alternative in “Serverauditor”. It has all the features you could possibly look for, including key based ssh authentication, swipe screen for bash history etc. … Read more

Web Analyzer goes free

After some consideration I have decided to make the online Web Analyzer tool free. Development stopped over a year ago, but the tool is still useful. A link to the tool is found on the right hand at  Some minor modifications may occur, and there is a loose plan to hook it up to … Read more

Ddos aftermath

So, friday went smooth and fine. Anonymous and his (or her?) pack went knocking on some Swedish gov websites. And some collateral damage on private websites with names that sounds gov and evil.. Swedish media did a splendid job recruiting new kids to Anonymous army. Swedish police gave some valuable tips on more critical and … Read more