Web hosting list

I have just completed my list of web hosting companies. It is my intention to keep this list up to date. If you by any chance notice any changes that make this list wrong, please post a comment at the comparison page. You find it in the menu on the right side, or just go directly to web hosting services comparison table.

A little thought on the web hosting business itself..

Although I haven't (yet) tested any of the listed services, some thoughts came up as I browsed through their plans, features and prices. Apparently there are by no means any connection between price and features list! Some of the web hosting companies seem to offer half the features for twice the money compared to some competitors.

It seems like a good idea to study their plans really close. One thing that can't be shown in the list is availability and reliability. This is something that must come from experience. With that in mind, I recommend plans that include free trial or money back guarantee.

And for you who have been at one host for a long time – there might be a good chance for you to cut your hosting costs!

On to the web hosting services comparison table.

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