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Every once in a while I stumble upon a great service or application. To define "great", it means that I continue to use it over time. Because it's good, it's cheap, because it somehow adds some kind of value, not only one time but repeatedly.

I'll try to stay neutral, giving attention to both Linux and Windows users. Feel free to give me tips of anything brilliant that I haven't tried yet, for instance something that that runs on other OS'es than Linux and Windows. So, here it goes in random order..


Works with: Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
Get organized, and get organized now. Send your thoughts or images straight into Evernote, with your phone, to your Evernote email, or copy/send with the Evernote Firefox plugin. Wherever you are. And when logged in, all your stuff is there as accessible, search-able and indexed notes. If your not impressed yet – any visible text in any image you add, is also indexed and search-able. Evernote is a keeper.


Works with: Linux, Mac, Windows
Yes, the Dropbox logo link is a referral link and I will eventually get more free space on my Dropbox account if you click and sign up. Beacause thats what it's about – online storage space. What makes it useful is this: No web hazzle with this one, just install the Dropbox application and point out what local folder shall be synced with your Dropbox account. Anything that goes into that folder is synced to your online storage, and any other computer where you have installed Dropbox will get it's Dropbox folder updated. All with history logs on your account at You can even assign special folders and invite friends for easy private sharing. I use it on all my computers. No FTP, SSH, Rsync, or USB sticks needed any more when working on the same stuff on several computers..


Works with: Linux, Mac, Windows

. Some people, like me, suffer from a "cluttered brain disorder". A lot of stuff is going on up there, stuff get in, move around, and fall of into a part of the brain that don't get quite that much oxygen at that critical moment when you just need to remember the greatness of that particular idea. The solution is PersonalBrain. It's free and has no side effects. Paste links, create nodes, connect things together and you have a solid and persistent tree-like view of what went on at the time when you just "figured things out". And you can live your life as easily as any normal person…



Yes, whenever I find something useful. Or when you give me a tip, and I agree that it 's worth mentioning. Of course I can find a lot of stuff tp put into this page, but I prefer to just stick with stuff that really makes a difference to me.

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