2013 Threat Report: More Than Scary Stats and Chilling Charts

The 2013 Threat Report from the Websense® Security Labs™ is now available.

The report details mobile, social, email and web-based threats, and
while it is full of ominous data points, it is a very interesting read.
The report is designed to help security professionals keep current with
threat trends and improve the effectiveness of existing security
solutions. It can also be used to identify and prioritize security gaps
that may require new approaches and more innovative strategies.

Creating the report began with the ThreatSeeker® Network,
composed of big data clusters used by the WSL to collect and manage up
to 5 billion inputs each day from 900 million global endpoints. Malware
samples, mobile applications, email content, web links and other
information were then passed through deep analysis processes including
our Advanced Classification Engine (ACE), which applied over 10,000 different analytics.

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