Potentially damaging music


Websense had a second thought about my website, lofvenmusic.com, and it´s now rated as clean:)

I recently created a new website for my music. I ran it thorugh Web Analyzer (link on the right side) and it got one red hit on VirusTotal!! Websense, which I usually rely really heavily on, said

Potentially Damaging Content

…now whats going on? I have a pretty good control of what code is used there. Is it the CDbaby widget? Is it a specific song that sounds bad? I dropped them a note, and we'll see the outcome.

I just launched this website about my own music. I do work as an IT security professional and I'm surprised to see your categorization. Could you please change it or inform me about any threat I might have overlooked?

Ola Löfvén

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